The Crescent Road: Royal Turkish Baths:, Harrogate:
in the shampooing room, early 1990s

Shampooing in the 1990s

Mark Nellis (Turkish Baths Supervisor, c.1991) shampooing a bather in the same room, and in virtually the same manner, as one of his predecessors might have done ninety-five years earlier.

The bather's head and ankles are supported by two towel-covered, specially shaped, wooden rests.

After the shampooing process, the bather would be sluiced down or, perhaps, have a cold plunge in the pool. He would then be wrapped in dry towels and lie down for half an hour or so in the cooling-room.

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Harrogate's Crescent Road: Royal Turkish Baths:

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Victorian Turkish Baths: their origin, development, and gradual decline

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