James's Turkish Baths, Priory Street, Coventry:
exterior view, c.1920

Priory Street view
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Francis James fitted out his Turkish baths at the end of 1890 in a building which was originally designed as a Wesleyan Chapel but which was never used for that purpose. This explains the pointed roof of the baths building which is seen just beyond the motor car.

James had previously built Turkish baths in Halifax (1871-6) and Nottingham (1876-1890), in each case selling them on and moving further south.

This image shows part of the west side of Priory Street opposite the main buildings of the Triumph Cycle Co Ltd (later to become the Triumph Motor Company). The vehicle in the street suggests that the picture was taken shortly before the block was demolished (some time around 1920) to make room for an extension to the Triumph works.

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Rayanne Byatt (Local Studies Section, Coventry Libraries & Information Services) for help in

identifying the building

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James's Turkish Baths: Coventry

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Victorian Turkish Baths: their origin, development, and gradual decline

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