Victorian Turkish Baths—the book



Work we know of which cites the book—with the captions in maroon for those books added to the list during 2017 and 2018—includes the following:

Palmer Swindon Health Hydro Gelder

Palmer                        Swindon Health Hydro                          Gelder

Gelder, John.   'Roman building services and architectural manuals'   In: Studies in the History of Services and Construction: the proceedings of the Fifth Conference of the Construction History Society, Queens' College, Cambridge, 6-8 April 2018   (Cambridge: The Construction History Society, 2018)

Harper, Esther. The Racehorse in Health, Disease and Afterlife, 1800 – 1920 Unpublished thesis submitted for PhD, Department of History, King's College London, 2018. Available online

Jones, Charlotte. An Historical Geography of the Turkish bath in Victorian Britain Unpublished thesis submitted for PhD, Department of Geography, University College London, 2017. Abstract available online; thesis available online from 1 May 2020.

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Petri, Olga. 'At the bathhouse: municipal reform and the bathing commons in late imperial St. Petersburg' Journal of Historical Geography (51: Jan 2016) pp.40–51

Swindon Health Hydro: conservation management plan, March 2018  (Bath : Donald Insall Associates, 2018)

Tsonis, Jack. 'Sauna studies as an academic field: a new agenda for international research' Literature & Aesthetics (26: 2016) pp.41–82

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Victorian Turkish Baths: their origin, development,
and gradual decline

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