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Cabinet baths: the DIY approachDavid & Harriet Urquhart: a teamDeath of William UrquhartHeritaging the bathHydropathy & wet sheet packingLetter from ConstantinopleMrs Doggett asks for morePerformance in the rawRoman? Turkish? Middle class?Shampooers' wages and conditionsThe Urquharts’ Riverside bathWomen and Victorian Turkish baths


Hot air: dry, humid, or steamy?


A Bunch of baths booksCaricatures and cartoonsThe Earliest Turkish bath photos?Longfellow and the letter to the SultanPraise in verse—and worseShakespeare takes a Turkish'Steaming' comes to HarrogateTrollope's Turkish bathTurkish baths in fictionWhere did Bloom take his bath?
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