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Victorian Turkish Baths: their origin, development, and gradual decline
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In hydropathic establishments (hydros)

Hot room at Kenworthy's Hydro, SouthportThis table lists some of the Turkish baths provided in hydros, arranged alphabetically by their location.

Known opening and closing dates are indicated in the table. All articles include a chronology, though these do not appear in the version of the site without frames.

Dates in blue  are accurate openings or closures to the best of our knowledge;
Dates in maroon  are first and last sightings;
Plus or minus signs  indicate 'and later' or 'and earlier'.

When one or both of the icons on the left of the table appear in red, this indicates that there is an article, notes, chronology, or stand-alone captioned image relating to the establishment. Clicking on the left hand icon []] takes you to that establishment's page on the site; clicking on the right hand icon  [] takes you to any available no-frames version. A right hand icon  [] on its own takes you to a relevant captioned image page.

If you have access to local newspapers and can add, amend, or correct any dates, please do contact us.

Table last revised: 29 March 2022
[]] [] ABERDEEN: Lochhead Hydropathic Establishment1860—1868 1860—1868
[]] [] BATH: Limpley Stoke 1862—1939
[]] [] BLACKPOOL: Imperial Hydro, Claremont Park   1884—1902+
[]] [] BLARNEY (Co.Cork, Ireland): St Ann(e)'s Hydro
   Dr Richard Barter built the first Victorian Turkish Bath in the British
   Isles here, with the help of David Urquhart
[]] [] BOSCOMBE: Linden Hall, Christchurch Road  1920s
[]] [] BOWDEN: Malvern House, Langhorne Road 1898
[]] [] BOWNESS: Windermere Hydro, Biskey Howe    1881—1909+
[]] [] BRIDGE OF ALLAN: Hydropathic Establishment    1862—1886+
[]] [] CATERHAM: Godstone Road, Surrey Hills Hydro & Turkish Baths     1898—c.1927
[]] [] CLEVEDON: Clevedon Hydropathic Establishment 1895
[]] [] DELGANY: Delgany Hydropathic Establishment 1863—1870
[]] [] DUNBLANE: Philp's Dunblane Hydropathic Establishment 1878—1936
[]] [] EDINBURGH: Craiglockhart Hydro, Colinton     1880—c.1915  
[]] [] EDINBURGH: Sciennes Hill Hydropathic Establishment, Newington 1861—1871
[]] [] FORRES: Cluny Hill Hydropathic Establishment   1864—1874+
[]] [] GLENBROOK (Co.Cork, Ireland): Dr Curtin's Hydropathic Establishment   1858—1870s
[]] [] HARROGATE: Connaught Hydro, Connaught Road 1886—1899
[]] [] HARROGATE: Cairn Hydropathic Establishment, Duchy Road 1892—1899
[]] [] HARROGATE: Harlow Manor, Harlow Manor Road   1893—1899+
[]] [] HARROGATE: Harrogate Hydropathic Establishment, Swan Road    1878—c.1950
[]] [] HASTINGS: Hastings Hydro and Spa, Old London Road 1884,  1894
[]] [] HASTINGS: Metcalfe's Hydro: Wellington Square
   Continued in: England—the provinces: HASTINGS: Wellington Sq
[]] [] HELENSBURGH: Shandon Hydropathic Establishment
[]] [] HEXHAM: Hexham Hydro, Westfield House    1878—c.1914
[]] [] ILKLEY: Ben Rhydding Hydro, Ben Rhydding 1859—1939
[]] [] ILKLEY: Craiglands Hydro (later Hotel) 1860s,  1938
[]] [] KILMACOLM: Kilmalcolm Hydro         —1882
[]] [] LEAMINGTON: Arboretum Hydro, Tachbrook Road   1863—1866+
[]] [] LLANDUDNO: Llandudno Hydropathic Establishment, The Parade 1872—1905
[]] [] LONDON: Beulah Spa, Beulah Hill, Upper Norwood   1859—1913+
[]] [] LONDON: Metcalfe's London Hydro, Richmond Hill   1898—1919+
[]] [] LONDON: New Barnet: Graffenberg House, Station Road 1863—1878
[]] [] LONDON: Paddington Green Hydro, Paddington Green (11) 1859—1897
[]] [] MATLOCK: Rockside Hydropathic Establishment 1862—1946
[]] []
MATLOCK BANK: Smedley's Hydropathic Establishment   1859—1950s
[]] [] MOFFAT: Hydro Hotel 1878—1921
[]] [] PETERSHAM: Sudbrook Park 1861
[]] [] RHYL: North Wales Hydropathic Establishment and Turkish baths 1878—1893
[]] [] ROTHESAY: Paterson's Hydropathic Establishment and Turkish baths 1862—        
[]] [] SKELMORLIE: Wemyss Bay Hydropathic Establishment: Turkish baths 1877—        
[]] [] SOUTHPORT: Limes Hydro, Bath Street (51 & 53)
   Image above
[]] [] SOUTHPORT: Smedley's Hydro, Trafalgar Road (23), Birkdale Park c.1880s—1909+   
[]] [] SOUTHPORT: Sunnyside Hydro, The Promenade Extension 1901—1905
[]] [] TEMPLEMORE: Barnane Hydropathic & Turkish Bath Establishment 1865—        
[]] [] TUNBRIDGE WELLS: Bishop's Down Spa Hydropathic Sanatorium   1878—1916+
[]] [] WALTON-ON-THAMES: Hydropathic Establishment 1858
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Anne Hawkesworth, for information about Ilkley
John Palmer, for the link to his Smedley's brochure
Keith Scanlon, for information about the Delgany Hydro


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Victorian Turkish Baths: their origin, development, and gradual decline

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