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Aeratone bath   Aeratone bath
Banya   Russian bath
Chibouk   Chibouk
Cold water cure   Hydropathy
Electric bath   Electric bath
Electro-Turkish bath   Electro-Turkish bath
Foam bath
  Aeratone bath
Zotofoam bath
Galvanic bath   Electric bath
Hammam   Hammam
Hookah   Narghile
Hydropathy   Hydropathy
Irish-Roman bath   Victorian Turkish bath
Islamic hammam   Hammam
Narghile   Narghile
Needle shower   Needle shower
Pattens   Pattens
Roman-Irish bath   Victorian Turkish bath
Russian bath   Russian bath
Sauna   Sauna
Shampooing   Shampooing
Slipper bath   Slipper bath
Steam bath   Russian bath
Surround shower   Needle shower
Turkish bath   Victorian Turkish bath
Vapour bath   Russian bath
Victorian Turkish bath   Victorian Turkish bath
Water cure   Hydropathy
Wet sheet pack   Hydropathy
Zotofoam bath   Zotofoam bath
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Victorian Turkish Baths: their origin, development, and gradual decline

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